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from Rachelle Bergstein, author of Brilliance and Fire

Book Recommendations

Between the World and Me

by Ta-Nahisi Coates

Ta-Nahisi Coates is a rare bird: a philosopher with the ear of a poet. Between the World and Me is the author's letter to his young son about race and cultural inheritance. It's also about parenthood, and how a father transmits his worldview--for better and for worse--to his child. Coates's exploration of American inequality is intimate, accessible, and heartbreaking.

The Story of a New Name

by Elena Ferrante

This is the second of the four Neapolitan Novels; I loved My Brilliant Friend, too, but The Story of a New Name takes all of the elements of the first one--politics, romance, and social rivalries--and turns up the volume. Lila and Lenu are lifelong best friends and in many ways, each other's inverse reflections. Both young women celebrate, and often covet, what the other has, and the resulting portrait of female friendship is fascinating.

Girls & Sex

by Peggy Orenstein

I've been talking everyone's ear off about this book. Orenstein explores a contemporary paradox: young women who speak fluently about feminism and rape culture are surprisingly, counterintuitively, retrograde when it comes to sex. Ignorant about their bodies and willing to succumb to pressure from their male peers, today's girls are more liberated than any other previous generation, while hiding a painful secret--they're not, necessarily, enjoying their sex lives.

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Dept. of Speculation

by Jenny Offill

I read this novel while pregnant, which was probably a mistake. It's about how the challenge of a new baby threatens the foundation of a couple's marriage and derails a new mother's writing career. Offill gets inside the mind of a sleep-deprived, hormonal, devastated woman who eventually comes back to herself. The fact that I didn't throw this book across the room is testament to how good it is.

Rachelle Bergstein

About Rachelle Bergstein

Rachelle Bergstein, the author of Women from the Ankle Down, works at a literary agency in New York. She lives with her husband and their son in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Brilliance and Fire

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From the author of Women from the Ankle Down comes a lively cultural biography of diamonds, which explores our society's obsession with the world's most brilliant gemstone and the real-world characters who make them shine.

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